Dr. Labrado is an amazing chiropractor. He’s very thorough with his exams!! I went to him in hopes of figuring out why I was having such bad back pain already at the age of 19, I went with a constant pain level of 7 and after almost 2 months I’m living a much better life. I’m sleeping better and I’m able to get back to exercising which I couldn’t do before bc of my back pain. Dr. Labrado is the only chiropractor who will take your X-rays and analyze them for you. He goes to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. His work ethic is commendable, he genuinely cares about his patients welfare. Not only does he treat your back, he educates as well on how to avoid putting pressure on your back. I’m so glad I decided to go to him instead of someplace else, it was the best decision I made for my health. I was able to figure out what was causing all this pain and he was able to give me a huge relief within 3-4 sessions. As a nurse myself, I highly recommend Dr. Labrado as your chiropractor. You won’t be disappointed!!!

Ishika S.

This is a great place to visit if you have chronic back pain issues like me. I got tired of taking pills on and off every few months or so, but i am feeling lot better without any pills within a week. Dr Labrado is very thorough in his examination and gets into details of the root cause of your back pain issue. Good job Dr. Labrado.

Karan D.

Dr. Jeff Labrodo is the Best!!

This was the best adjustment and chiropractic experience I have ever had.

I came in because of an Automobile Injury and I wasn’t sure about the whole process of dealing with recovery and insurance. He explained every part of the process.

Dr. Jeff gave me a thorough examination and educated me on my spine and the plan to get me to functioning better.

I truly appreciate how Dr Jeff listen to my pain and found the right ways to treat me.

Dean C.

His amazing and very smart. He teaches his client the anatomy so we can totally understand the chiro process. Highly recommended.

Jeanette L.

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